HCFI 23rd to 25th Feb 2013

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A S kushwaha from power grid 22nd Feb.jpg

Airport to Allahabad for Magh Purnina Holy Bath. 25th feb monday.jpg

Anchoring show chat with dr kk with chetanya mahaprabhu ji.jpg

CPR 10 camp at Marwari Hospital Kinari Bazar 23rd Feb.jpg

CPR Camp with Rakesh Gupta CMD and Chetanya Mahaprabhu 24th Feb.jpg

DMA election with Dr Ajay and Sr Raghav.jpg

Feb 25 th Monday Kumbh Mela.jpg

From Rishi Muni to Channel Owner every one is learning CPR 10.jpg

Inauguration of Marwari Hospital at Old Delhi.jpg

Live on headlines today 6pm 23rd feb. fat burning pills..jpg

Mr. Shyam Gupta, Founder of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation 22nd Feb.jpg

mrs meenakshi kushwaha principal birka vidya niketan 22nd Feb.jpg

Mrs shashi Punj saturday 23 feb.jpg

Saraswati ghat allahabad Kumbh Mela on Magh Purnima..jpg

With Aminder Singh fitness expert and Imran discussing about fitness drugs harms.jpg

With imran and aminder singh at aajtak.jpg

With M S Biita at Allahabad 25th Feb.jpg

WIth Rakesh Gupta CMD Sadhna Channel and Chetanya Mahaprabhu ji.jpg

With Rakesh GuptavCMD Sadhna Channel and Chetanya Mahaprabhu Ji.jpg

You can see the sangam as two different colours of yamuna and ganga unite.jpg