eHeartcarenewS 16th to 22nd Pics

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Attended an interaction with Mr P K Pradhan Former Health secretary GOI at IMA on health issues.jpg

certificate of merit.jpg


Dr Aggarwal attending dinner meeting at IMA with National President Dr K Vijay Kumar.jpg

Dr Atul Arora IMA.jpg

Dr K K Aggarwal attended a dinner Meeting at Delhi Medical Association.jpg

Dr K K Aggarwal attended a function organized by Priya Hingorani.jpg

Dr K K Aggarwal attended the Puja Ceremony of Moolchand Hospital Founders day.jpg

Dr K K Aggarwal distributed prizes.jpg

Dr KK Aggarwal attended Delhi Medical Council meeting held in MAMC.jpg

Dr N Saini Hony Secretary General IMA CPR.jpg

Dr Sanjay gupta 17 th video chat.jpg

Dr Sanjay gupta cpr sunday.jpg

Dr V K Narang IMA.jpg

Free homeopathic consultation by homeopathic cardiologist.jpg

Getting most popular consultant award of the year on Molchand Founders Day.jpg

IMA meeting.jpg

Moolchand lecture.jpg

moolchand MEdcity Founders day.jpg

Moolchand Sunday CME at Moolchand on Swine Flu.jpg

O p yadava social interaction.jpg

Sh P K Pradhan CPR.jpg

Sh S K Pradhan.jpg

Sujay shad free opd.jpg

Sunday 17th Feb, HCFI in association with East Delhi Morning walkers association.jpg