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8th June, 2017
Dilli Chalo Movement: A Big Thank You to each one of you for making it a historical success

June 6, 2017 will be a memorable day in the history of IMA and will be observed as IMA Sangharsh Day from now onwards. The event had unprecedented attendance and participation, which made it the success that it was.
  • Total views in IMA Website Dilli Chalo: 34,767
  • Total Webcast views in Facebook: 9000
  • Physical attendance: > 10,000
  • Petitions signed in IMA Website: 65277
  • More than a lakh were connected to the movement.
Records in the centenary year
  • Largest rally
  • Largest gathering in any non-academic event
Dear friends, I am touched. I am speechless. I am emotional. This is unbelievable. But in my heart, I knew that we could do it. I knew the strength and the capabilities of my Team IMA.
This event was a culmination of the hard work and effort put in by us over the last two and a half years. It was not a protest nor a strike, it was a satyagraha, a peaceful movement organized by the IMA to make the nation aware of the issues confronting the doctors in the country.
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About 65,277 petitions signed during IMA's Dilli Chalo
6th June declared as the IMA Sangharsh Day
A lakh people from the profession connected to the movement

New Delhi, 07 June 2017: The Dilli Chalo movement organized by the IMA on 6th June 2017 as a silent protest against the atrocities faced by the medical fraternity, was a roaring success. The event saw over 10,000 doctors march to the Indira Gandhi Stadium. Further, about 43,767 were connected via the digital platform. The IMA has declared 6th June as the IMA Sangharsh Day and indicated that this will indeed be a memorable day in the history of the Association. 
The largest rally and gathering in any non-academic event saw unprecedented participation from all quarters . There were a record 3,767 views in the IMA Website Dilli Chalo and the total webcast views on Facebook went up to 9,000
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