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Editorial (Dr SS Agarwal, Dr K K Aggarwal)
4th July 2016
AAP/AAPD issue updated guidelines on safe sedation for children
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) have released updated guidelines on the monitoring and management of pediatric patients before, during, and after sedation for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • The guidelines recommend that practitioners consult with appropriate subspecialists and/or an anesthesiologist for patients at increased risk of experiencing adverse sedation events because of their underlying medical/surgical conditions.
  • The child shall be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible person to and from the treatment facility.
  • Facilities, personnel, and equipment to manage emergency and rescue situations should be immediately available, including an emergency cart or kit containing the necessary age- and size-appropriate equipment (oral and nasal airways, bag-valve-mask device, LMAs or other supraglottic devices, laryngoscope blades, tracheal tubes, face masks, blood pressure cuffs, intravenous catheters, etc.) to resuscitate a nonbreathing and unconscious child.
  • The guidelines recommend documentation prior to sedation with regard to informed consent and instructions and information provided to the responsible person.
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A 18-year-old male from Delhi asked:
I am 18 years old and I am an boy. I have a big lumb on my right chest since 2 years. The left one is normal but the right chest appears like a breast.
Dr. Prakash Chhajlani, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, replied:
To the best of our knowledge no medicines or creams work to decrease the breast size. Male breast or gynecomastia reduction. Gynecomastia is treatable by surgery. There is no medical treatment... read more
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B12 deficiency can be the underlying cause of short term memory loss
New Delhi, July 3, 2016: If you are forgetting things often, it is recommended that you get your vitamin B 12 levels checked instead of worrying that you may be suffering dementia, said Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal - President Heart Care Foundation of India and Honorary Secretary General IMA.
Animal products (meat and dairy) are the only dietary source of B12 (cobalamin - Cbl) for humans. Strict vegans who do not consume any animal products are at a high risk of developing nutritional Cbl deficiency. The usual western diet contains 5 to 7 micrograms of cobalamin per day, while the minimum daily requirement is 6 to 9 micrograms per day. Total body stores of Cbl are 2 to 5 mg and one-half of this is in the liver. It takes years to develop vitamin B12 deficiency after absorption of dietary B12 ceases.
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