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4th November 2016
Toxic Benzene levels in Delhi air
Most of the times, we worry about PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels. But, we ignore benzene levels, which indicate the yearly pollution stays of an area. The normal levels are 5 µg/m3.
Following is the yearly average in most parts of Delhi for example.
  • Anand Vihar: 44.3 µg/m3
  • Mandir Marg 9.2 µg/m3
  • Punjabi Bagh 2.2 µg/m3
  • RK Puram 17.0 µg/m3
  • IGI Airport 12.68 µg/m3
  • Civil Lines 23.14 µg/m3
Some facts about benzene
  • Benzene is a pollutant often released from oil refineries and traffic exhaust. 
  • Benzene is a compound of crude oil and petrol that can be harmful even at trace levels.
  • Apart from vehicular exhausts, evaporation from petrol filling stations can also cause benzene levels to rise.
  • Benzene is a hazardous air pollutant.
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IMA Satyagraha on 16th November
New Delhi November 03, 2016: "All the 30 State Branches and 1765 Local Branches of IMA are organizing a 2-hour Dharna as part of Stop NMC Satyagraha, in every district in India from 11 am 1 pm on 16th November. The dharna is organized as a reminder to the Government to intervene and sort out the major problems faced by the medical profession" said Dr K K Aggarwal, National President Elect  and Honorary Secretary General, IMA.

 "Last year, We had postponed our Satyagraha scheduled for16th November 2015 on the favourable assurances received from the Government of India" said Dr S S Agarwal, National President, IMA.
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