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3rd January 2017
Dr K K Aggarwal
Dr R N TandonIMA-No Incentive Initiative​

During the Central Council Meeting in Amritsar, I had said in my presidential speech that IMA will have zero tolerance for unethical practices including sex selective abortions for non-medical purposes and cuts and commissions. And that IMA and the medical profession will boycott any person indulging in unethical sex selective practices.
I am happy to note that IMA Bagalkot Branch in Karnataka, under the Presidentship of Dr Shekhar Mane has taken up the "IMA-No Incentive Initiative".
The draft undertaking by the branch states "INCENTIVES in any form cash, cheque, gifts, articles, parties etc. will NOT be given to or taken from any of our colleagues, referring doctors, RMP, quacks, ASHA workers, ambulances, laboratories etc." Incentive means where no service is attached.
The branch also nominated an Ethical & Vigilance Committee comprising of 15 doctors with President and Secretary as ex officio member.

Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA
National President HCFI
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New Delhi, Jan 02, 2017: Sodium valproate or valproic acid is a prescription drug indicated in cases of Epilepsy to control seizures, bipolar disorder and migraine headaches. Clinical research has shown that sodium valproate can cause serious complications in a developing baby and may lead to multiple congenital disorders.
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