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31st  August 2016
Incurable Japanese Encephalitis Threatens India 
A four-year-old girl in Manipur in July 2016 suffered convulsions, high fever, and bouts of unconsciousness succumbing to Japanese encephalitis (JE), leading to the first death in the state from the viral brain infection that is transmitted by the Culex mosquito since 2010. 
Japanese Encephalitis is the main cause of brain inflammation (viral encephalitis) in Asia. Fatality rates for severe infections according to the WHO are between 20-30%. Even when treated, it leaves serious neurological effects particularly in children and about 30-50% of survivors struggle to walk or contract other cognitive disabilities. 
The virus appeared previously in Odisha in October 2012 after two decades, when 272 cases were reported and 24 deaths were registered. 626 symptomatic JE cases were estimated in Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh in 2012, with 139 confirmed cases, according to the Public Health Foundation of India. 
The virus has a tendency to move to areas where there is stagnant water in paddy fields and also develops new habitats. Some subgroups of the Culex mosquitos have been found along the Yamuna banks in vegetation, confirmed the National Vector Born Disease Control Program (NVBDCP). 
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Press Release
Mosquitoes Can Infect Their Eggs with Dengue
Spraying not enough to eliminate dengue, prevention is key
New Delhi, August 30, 2016: The incidence of dengue will continue to exist this month and instead of creating unnecessary chaos and panic, it is essential that awareness is created about its prevention and timely steps are taken towards disease management. 
The first step typically taken towards eliminating dengue is large scale spraying. What most people remain unaware of is that spraying affects adult mosquitoes, but it does not usually kill the immature forms - the eggs and larvae. Spraying only reduces transmission, but it may not eliminate the virus. The aedes mosquito can pass the virus to their offspring in their eggs making control harder.
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