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31st March, 2017
Learning to be good doctors from the dead
Dissection of the human cadaver is a fundamental part of training of doctors. All specialities of medicine require a knowledge of the human anatomy. Dissection allows a student to directly see and touch the intricate structure of the human body, the various organs, muscles, bones, etc., or its various anomalies, which no digital technology can simulate, however advanced it may be. This visual imprint on the mind perhaps stays on for life.
Medicine is not all science; it is not just about being able to interpret lab reports, or read an x-ray or CT scans etc. or prescribing medicines. Doctors have been regarded as next to God since Vedic times and no other profession has been accorded the same exalted status as that of the medical doctor. This places a responsibility on the doctors to nurture the doctor-patient relationship, based on trust and mutual respect.
Doctors should be compassionate, empathetic, courteous and respect the dignity of the patients, their privacy and confidentiality. These are qualities that can be inculcated in doctors, right from the first day, they enter a medical college to begin their education.
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Individuals with existing morbidities should adopt healthy fasting practices this Navratri
Patients with existing chronic diseases like cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and blood pressure should take extra precautions when fasting.
Skipping meals or eating an inappropriate diet can affect your health adversely if you are on continuous medications.
Diabetic patients should decrease their insulin intake up to 40 percent if they are fasting and consume only one meal a day.
New Delhi, 30th March 2017: There is a lot of hustle bustle around, as the festive season is setting up. And we all know that Navratri marks the festive season, which is an auspicious 9-day period for Hindu devotees. Fasting, worshipping and playing dandiyaare a few important things that matter the most during this period. From kids to elders, you see almost everyone indulging in the 9-day fast schedule that is observed during the festival.
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