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30th September, 2017
An MBBS/MD degree must to sign lab reports
In a judgement in Association of Clinical Biochemists and Microbiologists ACBM (Regd) & Anr Vs Union of India & Ors delivered September 15, 2017, the Delhi High Court agreed with a Medical Council of India (MCI) notification that "all lab reports to be signed/countersigned by persons registered with MCI/State Medical Council".
The Medical Council of India (MCI) had issued a notification to this regard vide a letter No. MCI - 211(2))(Gen.)/2014-Ethics/ 118642 dated 14.06.2017, which had been contested by the Association of Clinical Biochemists and Microbiologists, who petitioned that "the said letter was without jurisdiction and deprived members of their association of their valuable right to conduct their trade and profession".
The Association of Clinical Biochemists and Microbiologists stated before the Court that "the members of the petitioner association are highly qualified persons and are engaged in the activity of laboratory testing. Since members of the petitioner association do not hold degree of MBBS and/or MD Degrees, they are not entered in the register maintained by the MCI or State Medical Councils. The petitioners state that the work of conducting laboratory test and submitting reports thereof is essentially a skilled task for which the members of the petitioner association are amply qualified and it is not necessary that the test report submitted by them be countersigned by a medical practitioner whose name is entered in the medical register. It is further stated that respondent no.3 (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibrating Laboratories) is competent to provide accreditation to pathology laboratories and no accreditation from MCI is required".
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Fight the inner demons through preventive health this Dussehra
  • The Perfect Health Mela 2017 will lay emphasis on preventive health among other things
  • Many diseases are an outcome of bad lifestyle habits such as lack of physical activity and eating unhealthy food, and should be done away with
New Delhi, 29 September 2017: It is yet again that time of the year when the entire country rings in the festival season. Among the many festivals celebrated is Dussehra, which holds significance as it marks the triumph of good over evil. Symbolically, there are some modern-day demons in the form of diseases plaguing us today. In this festival season, the need of the hour is to triumph over these demons by embracing preventive health and adopting a healthy lifestyle. The Perfect Health Mela (PHM) 2017 to be held from 4th to 8th October at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi which will be inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, will provide the perfect platform to discuss and understand more about all aspects of preventive health.
Some of the so-called demons include stress, smoking, alcohol, bad diet, lack of physical activity, and living in denial about our mental and physical health. The PHM aims at spreading mass health awareness using entertainment as a medium.
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