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2nd March, 2018
Happy and Healthy Adwait Holi

Dr K K Aggarwal,Recipient of Padma Shri

The story behind the festival, Holi, begins with Holika, the sister of Hiranyakashyap, who was the father of Prahalad. Hiranyakashyap had declared himself as God and wanted his son Prahalad to worship him and not Vishnu. When Prahalad refused to do the same, he was made to sit with Holika in an open fire. Holika had been granted a boon that she could not be burned even if she was on live fire. When she was made to sit with Prahalad on the live fire, the opposite happened. She burned to death but Prahalad came out unharmed and alive from the fire.

The above story has a deep spiritual meaning. Hiranyakashyap represents "ego", which when takes control, makes one forget about his own consciousness, so that the person starts thinking himself as the supreme power. The same symbolic representation is seen with Ravana in Ramayana and Kansa in Mahabharata. Prahalad represents a person with self realization who is in touch with ones consciousness. The consciousness cannot be burned, cut, dried or made wet by anything. It is imperishable and everlasting. .... read more

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CT, MRI and Ultrasounds under drugs and Cosmetics Act

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National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority

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Higher waist and hip measures together increase risk for heart attack among women

Higher waist and hip size are more strongly associated with heart attack risk than overall obesity especially among women, according to research in Journal of the American Heart Association...... read more

Use of metformin during pregnancy linked to child's weight

Taking metformin during pregnancy may put their children at increased risk of having obesity or overweight. The trend became apparent when children reached six months of age. At the age of four years, the children in the metformin group had higher BMI scores and were more likely to meet the criteria .... read more

Women more likely to develop HT and DM following preeclampsia during pregnancy

Women diagnosed with preeclampsia during pregnancy were significantly more likely to develop high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol within five years compared with women who did not have preeclampsia, as per a study..... read more

A new oral suspension formulation of glibenclamide for neonatal diabetes

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has recommended granting approval for a new oral suspension formulation of the sulfonylurea glibenclamide .... read more

Fexapotide significantly improves BPH symptoms

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Regular monitoring rather than immediate treatment justified for some cervical lesions

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Wishing all our readers a very Happy and Healthy Holi
Health is a state of physical, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental wellbeing; burn away all negativity and usher in good health this Holi
New Delhi, 01 March 2018: At the outset, we wish one and all a very happy and 'healthy' Holi. According to the WHO, 'health' is not the mere absence of disease but a state of physical, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental wellbeing. Holi, therefore, is a classic example of a custom that is celebrated to ensure ‘social health’ in the general society.
The practice of burning Holi a day before the festival of color (called Holika Dahan) signifies burning of all negative thoughts or emotions embedded in the mind. Once this negativity is removed, the spiritual vision opens up or knowledge of consciousness is attained. This further ensures that only positive thoughts remain, which is celebrated as sharing and loving each other, the next day, with colors.
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