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28th September 2016
The Mosquito Menace: How to win over our collective failure
Napoleon Hill once said, “Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”
It’s time for all of us to convert our biggest failure of controlling the mosquito menace into success.
We must all agree that collectively we have failed in controlling the mosquito menace and consequently, Delhi today is in the midst of an epidemic of Chikungunya with increasing numbers of dengue and malaria patients. This is a collective failure of Municipal Corporation, Delhi Government, Central Government, LG office, Medical Associations, CSR departments, Media, NGOs and Private sector.
As per the current picture, the mosquito container index (the percentage of water-holding containers infested with larvae or pupae) in Delhi is over 40% and any index above 5% requires a community integrated cluster approach to reduce mosquito density together with effective anti-larval measures.
But even today, 3 lakh mosquito repellent impregnated mosquito nets received by MCD as donations are not available to patients. Anti-larval measures, Temephos an organophosphate larvicide and/or mosquito fish or Gambusia, a freshwater fish are not available to a common man.
What is the answer then? 
We need a paradigm shift in our thinking. We need to over report and act in time. There is no point acting when the cases have started. Often the civic bodies publically act in monsoon season. They may be planning ahead but public awareness and public involvement must start much ahead of time. Even the recent CAG report mentions that under reporting of dengue is disastrous to the society.
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New Delhi, September 27, 2016: Heart failure is routinely described as the progressive loss of ability of the heart to pump blood. But, there is another form of heart failure where the blood-pumping ability of the heart remains near normal, said Padma Shri Awardee, Dr. KK Aggarwal, President HCFI & President Elect IMA. This second form of heart failure is too often overlooked and is just as lethal.

In this condition the heart muscle becomes thickened. The chamber inside gets smaller and the heart is unable to relax to accommodate the blood it needs to pump out. As there is no room for the heart to relax, the blood backs up into the lungs. This kind of anomaly is not picked up by standard measurements of "ejection fraction" - the percentage of blood in the heart that goes out with every beat.
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