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Dr K K AggarwalPadma Shri, Dr B C Roy National Awardee and National Science Communication Awardee. Limca Book of Record Holder (CPR). Gold Medalist

Dr KK Aggarwal

President, Heart Care Foundation of India; Senior Consultant Physician, Cardiologist & Dean Medical Education Moolchand Medcity; Editor in Chief IJCP Group, Senior National Vice President, Indian Medical Association; Member Ethics Committee Medical Council of India, Chairman Ethical Committee Delhi Medical Council, Hony. Visiting Professor (Clinical Research) DIPSAR; Limca Book of Record Holder in CPR, Chairman (Delhi Chapter) International Medical Sciences Academy (March 10–13); Hony Director IMA AKN Sinha Institute (08–09); Hony Finance Secretary National IMA (07–08); Chairman IMA Academy of Medical Specialties (06–07); President Delhi Medical Association (05–06), President IMA New Delhi Branch (94–95, 02–04);
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Harms of Smoking and benefits of quitting

  • Cigarette smoking is a leading preventable cause of death in the country.
  • Six million deaths occur worldwide because of smoking.
  • 50% of smokers are expected to die because of tobacco–related illnesses.
  • The three most important cigarette–related illnesses, which can cause death, are heart diseases, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic bronchitis or asthma of the adult).
  • Smoking cessation is associated with substantial health benefits.
  • Smoking cessation can lead to reduced risk of heart diseases, cancer and COPD.
  • Quitting smoking can help even after development of smoking–related heart diseases, cancer or COPD.
  • Stopping smoking before age 40 is associated with a larger benefit than quitting at later age.
  • Smoking exaggerates bone loss and is a risk factor for hip fracture.
  • Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 10% of heart blockage diseases all over the world.
  • Cigarette smoking is responsible for 33% of all cardiac deaths.
  • Quitting smoking after age 60 is still associated with lower risk of deaths compared to those who continue to smoke.
  • Smoking cessation is also associated with reduced risk of paralysis.
  • Smoking cessation also reduces the progress of blockages in the leg vessels.
  • Smoking is associated with premature aging in women.
  • Even in smokers older than 80 years, quitting smoking reduces mortality.
  • Quitting smoking means no smoking for three years.
  • Bidi smoking is as bad as cigarette smoking.
  • Tobacco chewing is as bad as cigarette smoking.

News around the Globe

  • Only a minority of patients with gout who were candidates for long-term urate-lowering therapy were treated according to current recommendations, reported a research letter published in the December 23 issue of JAMA. Researchers noted that only a third of general practitioners in the United Kingdom prescribed urate-lowering therapy to appropriate candidates.
  • The US Food and Drug Administration has approved 1% ivermectin cream, a once-daily treatment for the inflammatory lesions, bumps, and pimples of rosacea.
  • Offloading is essential to diabetic foot ulcer healing, report new podiatry consensus guidelines, published in the November/December 2014 issue of the Journal of the American Podiatric Association.
  • Among HBV carriers receiving rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone (R-CHOP) for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, entecavir seems to be better than lamivudine for preventing hepatitis B virus (HBV)-related hepatitis and reactivation, suggested a randomized phase 3 trial published in JAMA.

Dr KK Spiritual Blog

Be Positive, Be Different and Be Persistent

You should be not only positive, different but also persistent. In ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the first was a fish, which denotes to be different in life. The second incarnation is the tortoise, which symbolizes that you should not only be different, but also learn to withdraw when the need arises. The third is a boar, which indicates persistence.

The mantra of a successful life is to be positively different and persistent and yet learn to withdraw when the situation arises.

Uniform Code for Pharmaceuticals Marketing Practices (UCPMP)

Where there is any item missing, the code of MCI as per "Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulation, 2002 as amended from time to time, will prevail.

Mode of operation

  1. All the Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturer associations will have UCMP uploaded on their website.
  2. All the associations will upload the detail procedure (as stated in Para 10) of lodging complaints.
  3. All the associations will also have a provision on their website for uploading the details of complaints received i.e. the nature of complaint, the company against whom the complaint has been made, the action taken by the committees under the association including the present status in the complaint and such details of a complaint should remain uploaded for three years. The details of proceedings in a complaint and decisions thereafter will be sent by the concerned Association on Quarterly basis, to National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, on following address: Member Secretary, NPPA, 3rd Floor YMCA Cultural Cent're Building, 1, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi-110001.
  4. If a complaint received in a particular association is not concerned with its members, the receiving association will input the details of the complaint but in the column of action taken, it will mention that the complaint has been transferred to such and such association as the respondent company is member of the other association.
  5. In case of companies, who are not a member of any Association or member of more than one Association, the complaint will be handled by the Pharma Industry Association to whom the complainant has addressed the complain. The Association will then, take up the complaint for the required course of action as stipulated in UCPMP.

Committee for Complaint Handling:

  1. There will be a committee for handling the complaints named as "Ethics Committee for Pharma Marketing Practices (ECPMP)" in each of the associations.
  2. The committee will have 3 members, represented by the Executive Head of the companies or a nominee from the Executive Head, but not below the rank of Director in the Board of Company.
  3. In case of conflict of interest, the Head of the association will decide 3 members, who will handle the complaint.
  4. There will be a review committee for handling the review of the decisions of ECPMP, if any of the parties (complainant or respondent) desire so. This committee will be named as "Apex Ethics Committee for Pharmaceuticals Marketing Practices (AECPMP)" and will consist of 5 members, represented by the Executive Head of the companies or a nominee from the Executive Head, but not below the rank of Director in the Board of Company. The members of the committee will be nominated by the Head of the Association.

Inspirational Story

The Carpenter

Once there was an elderly carpenter who was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans, to leave the house building business and live a more leisurely life with his wife enjoying his extended family.

He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to retire. They could get by. The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go and asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favor.

The carpenter said yes, but in time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. He resorted to shoddy workmanship and used inferior materials. It was an unfortunate way to end his career.

When the carpenter finished his work and the builder came to inspect the house. The contractor handed the front-door key to the carpenter. "This is your house," he said, "my gift for your retirement as a token of my appreciation."

What a shock! What a shame! If he had only known he was building his own house. He would have done it all so differently. Now he had to live in the home he had built none too well.

So it is with us. We build our lives in a distracted way, reacting rather than acting, willing to put up less than the best. At important points we do not give the job our best effort. Then with a shock we look at the situation we have created and find that we are now living in the house we have built. If we had realized that we would have done it differently.

Think of yourself as the carpenter. Think about your house. Each day you hammer a nail, place a board, or erect a wall. Build wisely. It is the only life you will ever build. Even if you live it for only one day more, that day deserves to be lived graciously and with dignity.

The plaque on the wall says, "Life is a do-it-yourself project." Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and the choices you make today.

Rabies News (Dr A K Gupta)

Can a rabies patient make a valid will?

A rabies patient can make a valid will. According to Section 59 in the Indian Succession Act, 1925 Person capable of making will:

  1. Every person of sound mind not being a minor may dispose of his property by will.
  2. A married woman may dispose by will of any property which she could alienate by her own act during her life.
  3. Persons who are deaf or dumb or blind are not thereby incapacitated for making a will if they are able to know what they do by it.
  4. A person who is ordinarily insane may make a will during interval in which he is of sound mind.
  5. No person can make a will while he is in such a state of mind, whether arising from intoxication or from illness or from any other cause that he does not know what he is doing.

Cardiology eMedinewS

  • In a study presented at the 7th Clinical Trials Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (CTAD), hypertension has been shown to interact with genetic risk to increase the burden of amyloid beta (Aß) in the brain. Study authors noted that in Alzheimer's disease (AD), individuals with the apolipoprotein E (APOE) e4 gene, indicating higher AD risk, had higher levels of Aß. Even in healthy control patients, the presence of hypertension and APOE e4-positivity was associated with a greater level of Aß in the brains of adults older than 70 years.
  • Wild blueberries have beneficial effects on blood pressure and the nutrition-derived inflammatory responses that are caused by a high-fat diet, suggests a new study published in PLOS ONE.

Pediatrics eMedinewS

  • Several predictors can be used to identify infants who should undergo evaluation for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), suggested the results from a multicenter observational study, published online in JAMA Ophthalmology. Multivariate analysis identified nine independent predictors of an increased risk for referral warranted-ROP: male sex, nonblack race, low birth weight, younger gestational age, more quadrants with preplus disease, stage 2 ROP, the presence of retinal hemorrhage, the need for controlled mechanical ventilator or high-frequency oscillatory ventilation, and weight gain of no more than 12 g/d.
  • Quality of life for college students is linked with their bullying experiences in primary school and high school, reports a new study published in Pediatrics.

Quote of the Day

Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives. Anthony Robbins

Wellness Blog

Winter blood pressure 5 mmHg higher than summer blood pressure

The systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) blood pressures rise and fall with the change of seasons.

In a study of 8801 people aged 65 or older by the Institute National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale of Paris published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, the average systolic blood pressure was five points higher during the winter than in summer.

Instances of high blood pressure (systolic blood pressure higher than 159, or diastolic higher than 94 mmHg) in the study were found in 33.4 percent of participants during winter but just 23.8 percent during summer.

The reason could be related to the baroreflex, a mechanism of blood pressure regulation that is modified in elderly subjects or a function of the sympathetic nervous system, which helps control involuntary actions such as stress response. A 5 mm change in blood pressure can explain why more heart patients die in winter.

emedipicstoday emedipics

Health Check Up and CPR 10 Camp at G B S S School, No-2, Ambedkar Nagar on 19th December 2014

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Weight loss may improve sexual health of obese diabetes

Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund

The Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund is a one of its kind initiative by the Heart Care Foundation of India instituted in memory of Sameer Malik to ensure that no person dies of a heart disease because they cannot afford treatment. Any person can apply for the financial and technical assistance provided by the fund by calling on its helpline number +91 9958771177 or by filling the online form.

Madan Singh, SM Heart Care Foundation Fund, Post CAG

Kishan, SM Heart Care Foundation Fund, Post CHD Repair

Deepak, SM Heart Care Foundation Fund, CHD TOF

Total CPR since 1st November 2012 – 101090 trained

cpr10 Mantra The CPR 10 Mantra is – "within 10 minutes of death, earlier the better; at least for the next 10 minutes, longer the better; compress the centre of the chest of the dead person continuously and effectively with a speed of 10×10 i.e. 100 per minute."

CPR 10 Success Stories

Ms Geetanjali, SD Public School
Success story Ms Sudha Malik
BVN School girl Harshita
Elderly man saved by Anuja

CPR 10 Videos

cpr 10 mantra
VIP’s on CPR 10 Mantra Video

Hands–only CPR 10 English
Hands–only CPR 10 (Hindi)


IJCP Book of Medical Records

IJCP Book of Medical Records Is the First and the Only Credible Site with Indian Medical Records.

If you feel any time that you have created something which should be certified so that you can put it in your profile, you can submit your claim to us on :


Dr Good and Dr Bad

Situation: A patient was found to have high triglycerides
Dr. Bad: Stop fat intake.
Dr. Good: Reduce refined carbohydrates.
Lesson: Triglycerides are refined carbohydrates dependent and not fat.

Make Sure

Situation: A patient was brought to the ICU in cardiogenic shock.
Reaction: Oh my God! Why didn’t you take him for emergency angiography and subsequent PTCA.
Lesson: Make Sure to perform an emergency diagnostic angiography and mechanical revascularization with PTCA in patients of cardiogenic shock. Results of NRMI–2, an ongoing trial suggest that this intervention is much better than thrombolytic therapy in such patients.

eMedinewS Humor

Different Phases of a man

After engagement: Superman
After Marriage: Gentleman
After 10 years: Watchman
After 20 years: Doberman

Twitter of the Day

Dr KK Aggarwal: TB more dangerous than FLU By Dr k k Aggarwal http://bit.ly/17wbZJP #Health
Dr Deepak Chopra: Miracles defy science; they don’t contradict it. Find out more about my new book The Future of God at http://bit.ly/FOG_BN #FutureOfGod

ePress Release

Drinking Coffee Prevents Parkinson’s disease

Nicotine in tobacco has been used for its medicinal value for quite some time for diseases like Parkinson’s disease and ulcerative colitis. A study from University of Miami School of Medicine, USA, has shown that people from families prone to Parkinson’s disease are less likely to develop the disease if they drink coffee on a regular basis, said Padma Shri, Dr. B C Roy National Awardee & DST National Science Communication Awardee, Dr. K K Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India and Sr National Vice President Indian Medical Association, commenting on the study said that both coffee and nicotine have a link with dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical that decreases in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

It is possible that people who are going to have Parkinson's disease have lower levels of dopamine. Those with low levels of dopamine may be more likely to enjoy caffeine.

Parkinson's disease is caused when brain cells that produce dopamine die. The disease is progressive, affecting about one percent of people older than 65.

Symptoms begin with shaking and can progress to paralysis. There is no cure, although a number of drugs can make symptoms better for a time.

eMedi Quiz

The exaggerated lepromin test seen in cases of Lucio phenomenon is called as:

a. Mitsuda's reaction
b. Medina-Ramirez reaction
c. Fischer's test
d. Fernandez reaction

Yesterday’s Mind Teaser: IRIS commonly occurs after ….. of ART initiation.

a.1-4 weeks
b.2-12 weeks
c.12-24 weeks
d. After 6 months

Answer for yesterday’s Mind Teaser: b.2-12 weeks

Correct answers received from: Dr Avtar Krishan.

Answer for 25th December Mind Teaser: c. Nail psoriasis

Correct answers received from: Dr Jainendra Upadhyay, Dr Avtar Krishan, Dr Poonam Chablani.

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