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22nd November 2016
A Judgment worth preserving. This is what IMA is fighting for with the Health Ministry ?
Minor discrepancies in records maintained by medical professionals cannot invite prosecution by appropriate authority without prior investigation
High Court of Bombay: While dealing with the question relating to the validity of a criminal complaint filed against the petitioner for violating Sections 4, 5, 6 and 29 of the Preconception & Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994 (hereinafter to be referred as “said PCPNDT Act”) & and Rule 9, 10(1A) and 18 of the Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Rules, 1996, the Division Bench comprising of A.V. Nirgude and V.L. Achliya, JJ observed that minor procedural errors and inadvertent omissions in maintaining records under the PCPNDT Act & Rules cannot be regarded as a punishable violation on part of a person in the field of medical profession. 
Further, the Court quashing the complaint filed against the petitioner held that a casual approach adopted by the Authority to invariably file a complaint against the petitioner without proper inquiry, investigation & due application of mind leads to unnecessary humiliation and harassment of the person in the field of medical profession hence, any legal action by the authority must follow based upon sufficient material to establish that there was a violation of provisions of PCPNDT Act and Rules thereunder.
The petitioner had installed a sonography machine at Suyog Hospital at Nanded, which is duly registered with the Health Department and the certificate of registration is valid up to November 2016. The regional vigilance squad inspected the centre and prepared a report and forwarded it to the advisory committee on the basis of which the advisory committee decided to suspend the registration of petitioner’s sonography centre and initiate prosecution against her without even investigating the complaints made out in the report regarding the breach of provision of the PCPNDT Act and Rules thereunder. The Chief Judicial Magistrate upheld the accusations of the authority, against the petitioner for initiating prosecution against her, which the petitioner seeks to be quashed and set aside.
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New Delhi, November 21, 2016: Expanding areas of arid land, air pollution and greater exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation all present potential health hazards to the eyes. The cornea, eyelid, the sclera and even the lens-are all exposed directly to the environment. 

Rising temperatures and shifting atmospheric circulation patterns force dry air into regions. Drier air means that more people are likely to suffer from dry eye, a condition in which tears aren't produced properly or evaporate too quickly. There is no evidence that drier conditions cause dry eye but they can accelerate symptoms in people who are prone to dry eye. 
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