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1st May, 2017
Energy drinks may increase risk of life-threatening arrhythmias

Drinking 32 ounces of a commercially available energy drink resulted in more profound changes in the electrical activity of the heart and blood pressure (CP) compared to drinking 32 ounces of a control drink with the same amount of caffeine 320 mg, according to new research published April 26, 2017 in the Journal of the American Heart Association.
The study included 18 young healthy volunteers who consumed either 32 ounces (946 mL) of commercially-available energy drink or caffeinated control drink, both of which contained 320 mg of caffeine. After a six-day washout period, participants switched drinks. The electrical activity of the heart was recorded by ECG. Peripheral and central blood pressures, at baseline and after consumption of the drink, were also measured.
  • The change in corrected QT interval from baseline in the energy drink arm was significantly higher (10-milliseconds) than the caffeine arm at 2 hours .
  •  Both the energy drink and caffeine-only groups had similar increases in systolic BP. While the systolic BP in the caffeine group almost returned to baseline reading after six hours, it was still mildly raised in those who consumed the energy drinks after six hours.
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Press Release
IMA-FOMA emergency meeting discusses generic drugs
Urges government to strengthen quality control mechanisms
New Delhi, April 30, 2017: With the on-going confusion and deliberations on the prescription of generic and branded drugs in the country, an emergency meeting was conducted by the Indian Medical Association-Federation of Medical Associations of India (IMA- FOMA) at the IMA Headquarters in Delhi. The meeting was held to discuss t/he emergent situation on generic drugs as well as the prescription of generic name of drugs by medical professionals. 
The IMA-FOMA lauded the Hon'ble Prime Minister's concern about the availability, accessibility, and affordability of quality economical drugs to the society. The body also recommended that the government should ban differential pricing of a drug under different brand names and advocated for "one chemical drug, one company, one price".
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