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18th December 2018
Jammu & Kashmir becomes the first state in the country to have law against "sextortion"

Dr KK Aggarwal & Advocate Ira Gupta

In a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) titled as "Court on its Own Motion versus State of Jammu and Kashmir" vide judgement dated 15.10.2018, the Hon'ble Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir had directed the State of Jammu and Kashmir to examine the concept of "Sextortion" in the context of applicable laws and to amend the existing penal laws so that illegal acts, unwarranted demands for sexual favors and inappropriate contacts by the persons in authority are made punishable.

The said issue relating to "Sextortion" was examined by the Governor and it was found that in order to prevent misuse of authority for unwanted sexual favors,...read more

Screen atopic dermatitis patients for suicide risk

Dr KK Aggarwal, Padma Shri Awardee

Patients with atopic dermatitis are at significantly greater risk of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts, suggests a new systematic review and meta-analysis of 15 studies.

The total number of participants in the studies included was 4 770 767; of these, 310,681 had atopic dermatitis (52.7% female) and 4,460,086 served as controls (50.9% female)....read more

Practice Updates

AAP Policy statement on impact of perinatal depression in pediatric practice

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended that physicians should screen women for depression during and after pregnancy and detail the health implications for children. According to an updated policy... read more

A six-day-old baby survives Ebola

A baby girl who was diagnosed with Ebola when she was only six days old has survived, health officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have confirmed. Baby Benedicte's mother was infected with Ebola and died during childbirth.... read more

Baseline HPV status influences the future risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Results of a 9-year Swedish nested case-control follow-up study reported in the journal Cancer show that the presence of human papillomavirus (HPV)16/18 among women with negative for intraepithelial lesions... read more

E-cigarettes less toxic to users than cigarettes, says study

A new study published Dec. 14, 2018 in the journal JAMA Network Open suggests that e-cigarettes are less toxic than traditional cigarettes. Comparison of nicotine and toxicant exposure in users of electronic cigarettes... read more

FDA warns the glitter on holiday treats may not be sweet to eat

The agency has issued a warning that glitter and dusting used on baked goods may continue materials that should not be eaten. The FDA says this is how you can tell whether the glitter or dusting is safe to eat:... read more

Non celiac gluten sensitivity ISWD Conference January 2019

A study reported in Clinical Nutrition, the official journal of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) has shown a multifactorial etiology of non-celiac gluten sensitivity... read more

The Year in Medicine 2018: News that made a difference

Escalating gun violence

  • Physicians to NRA: "This is our lane"
  • New ACP guidelines: Ask your patients about guns ... read more

The Top Trending Clinical Topics of 2018: Trend 6: Sleep

A study revealing a potentially concerning association and a new drug approval helped push a basic component of daily health to become the top trending clinical topic in late August.... read more

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