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Editor-in-Chief eMediNexus – Dr KK Aggarwal
12th May 2018
Understanding Right Speech & Right Action

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

All thoughts, speech or actions in life should be directed towards two basic goals; one, to provide happiness to others and secondly, attain self-happiness in consequence.

Our ancient texts and scriptures - Upanishads, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - have discoursed on "the right speech" and so did Buddha. According to Gautam Buddha, the right speech has three components:

  • It should be based on truthfulness.
  • It should be necessary, and
  • It should be kind.... read more
Video Of The Day : Antiseptic and not Antibiotic

How to Enhance Your Practice Visibility?

You are one among the 9,88,922 allopathic doctors practising in India. You can find a clinic in every nook and corner. How do you attract patients to your practice? What do you do to become more visible to your target audience? The only solution is to be different from others and think out-of-the-box.... read more

Top News

Today is International Nurses Day: "Nurses A Voice to Lead – Health is a Human right".

International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated globally on May 12 every year in recognition of the contributions of nurses to society. This day was chosen as it is the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Every year, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) commemorates this day with the production and distribution of the International Nurses' Day.... read more

Today is ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia International Awareness Day

ME/CFS Awareness Day is observed annually around the world on May 12. The day aims to bring awareness to myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)/chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients, families, caregivers, and researchers. May 12th was chosen as it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She was believed to have suffered from ME/CFS.... read more

Morning Medtalks

Morning Medtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal 12th May

Clinical: Folic acid supplementation substantially reduced primary stroke events in high-risk, enalapril-treated patients who had low platelets and elevated homocysteine compared with enalapril-treatment alone, according to Chinese researchers in Journal of the American College of Cardiology...... read more

Practice Updates

Vitamin D supplementation relieves depression, says study

A systematic review and meta-analysis of five randomized controlled trials published from 2011 to 2016 has shown that vitamin D supplementation may help reduce symptoms of depression. The findings were presented May 6, 2018 at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) 2018..... read more

Patients with autism spectrum disorder may benefit with ECT

Patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) whose condition is refractory to multiple psychotropic medications may benefit with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), suggests a systematic literature review presented May 5, 2018 at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) 2018 annual meeting. .... read more

Increased risk of falls with aggressive treatment of BP in hypertensive older adults

New research presented May 3, 2018 at the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando has shown that aggressive treatment of older people with hypertension increases risk of recurrent falls.... read more

ASL perfusion imaging shows reduced frontal lobe blood flow in posterior fossa syndrome

Findings of a study presented April 30, 2018 at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) 2018 Annual Meeting in New Orleans shows that frontal lobe blood flow is decreased in children with posterior fossa syndrome as seen on arterial spin-labeling (ASL) perfusion imaging, which may explain the transient disease symptoms.... read more

eMedi Humor
Medicolegal Corner
eMedi Quiz
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2. Vasculotoxic.
3. Cardiotoxic.
4. Neurotoxic.
Lifestyle Updates
Inspirational Story 1: Forgive and Forget
Inspirational Story 2: Never never give up
Heart transplants show an increase in India; despite this, awareness on organ donation needed
Myths and misconceptions about organ donation in India should be removed
New Delhi, 11 May 2018: There has been a ten-fold increase in heart transplantations in India since 2016, thanks to improved coordination between donation, retrieval and transplantation, as per recent estimates. About 300 heart transplantations took place across India in two years, as per data provided by the National Organ and Tissue Transplantation Organization (NOTTO), the national coordinating agency for cadaveric organ donation. What is encouraging is that even Tier 2 cities have emerged as transplantation hubs.

A heart transplant surgery is a highly sensitive procedure during which heart with damaged heart muscles, artery or valve is replaced with a fully functional and a healthy heart retrieved from a recently deceased individual.

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