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How to handle Antibiotic resistance
Dr Shashank Rai Gupta on Diabetic Retinopathy
Dental Health and Its Impact on General Health
IMA CDB Oration on Scientific Exposition of God by Dr K K Aggarwal
IMA CDB Oration on Scientific Exposition of God
CT Vs MRI When Where and Why 28th September 2017
Road Map to Universal Healthcare
Anti Microbial Resistance 14th September 2017
Seasonal influenza Swine Flu H1N1 7th September 2017
Communication Skills 31st August 2017
Handling of common cancer at general practitioner level
Adverse events following immunization AEFI 17th August 2017
Organ Donation and Transplant
Common Concerns about Breastfeeding 3rd August 2017
Monsoon Fever 27th July 2017
IMA Dilli Chalo Update Dr K K Aggarwal in Conversation with IMA Action Committee
Vector borne Disease prevention and control 13th July 2017
Blood Transfusion 6th July 2017
Kidney Stones
Communication Strategies in Healthcare 22nd June 2017
Venous Thromboembolism What Every Indian Doctor Needs to Do According to Evidence
National Blood Policy and Voluntary Blood Donation
Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis with Dr Ashwani Khanna
Vector Borne Diseases and Emerging Infection
Meningitis and Encephalitis
Antimicrobial resistance
End of Life Care with Dr R K Mani
Issues Ailing the Medical Profession
Interactive Questions and Answers Session With Dr Ketan Desai President WMA at CWC Kolkata
Prosthetic and Orthotics With Dr Anil Kumar Jain
Webcast on Common Medical Issues of all specialty Organizations 6th April 2017
Webcast on IMA Updates 30th March 2017
Webcast on Adolescent Health with Dr J P Kapoor 23rd March 2017
Webcast on Mental health With Dr Sunil Mittal and Dr Neelam Kumar Bohra
Webcast on Management of Amblyopia Lazy eye With Dr Subhash Dadeya
Webcast Webcast on End of Life issues Deafness Allergy
Webcast on Bio Medical Waste Management and Handling Rules 2016
Webcast on Environmental Health Issues and Biomedical Waste Management
Webcast on Antenatal Care National Deworming Program Weekly Iron
Webcast on National Blindness Control Programme with Dr Promila Gupta
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