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Webcast on Common Medical Issues of all specialty Organizations 6th April 2017
Webcast on IMA Updates 30th March 2017
Webcast on Adolescent Health with Dr J P Kapoor 23rd March 2017
Webcast on Mental health With Dr Sunil Mittal and Dr Neelam Kumar Bohra
Webcast on Management of Amblyopia Lazy eye With Dr Subhash Dadeya
Webcast Webcast on End of Life issues Deafness Allergy
Webcast on Bio Medical Waste Management and Handling Rules 2016
Webcast on Environmental Health Issues and Biomedical Waste Management
Webcast on Antenatal Care National Deworming Program Weekly Iron
Webcast on National Blindness Control Programme with Dr Promila Gupta
Dil ki Baatein with Dr K K Aggarwal National President IMA
Leprosy Social Impact and Common Surgical Procedures
Men s Health with Dr Rajeev Sood
Pediatric Update in Neonatal Care with Dr M M A Faridi
Adolescent Health 2nd chance in the 2nd decade with Dr Sushma Dureja
Child Sexual Abuse with Dr Shekhar Seshadri
Dr Prof Man Mohan Mehndiratta on Epilespy
AMI management reducing its mortality morbidity
Reaching the unreached for HIV Testing with Dr K S Sachdeva
Dr K K Aggarwal with Dr Ashok Rajput on Winter Pneumonia 24th November 2016
All about Satyagraha and Update on Diabetes 17th November 2016
PCPNDT Act Review Meet 3rd November 2016
All About Noise Pollution and Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan PMSMA 27th October 2016
Right of Hindu women inheritance and succession in family property
Rational use of antibiotics
Mental Health
Heart Disease in Doctors and Life after Death in Modern Medicine
Dr N K Bhatia on Rational Use of Blood
Dr P K Sen and Dr Rajesh Makashir on Update on Vector Borne Diseases
Role of sleep in healthy and happy baby development
Dr Suneela Garg on Sporadic diseases in India
Dr Mrs Vishal Kaura Aggarwal on Joint Pain Update
Give A healthy Gift Dr K K Aggarwal
Dr N K Yadav on dengue Updates
Breast Feeding Neonatal Care
Dr Arun Gupta Dr Girish Tyagi Medicolegal and Ethical Aspect
HIV AIDS Update Dr P S Nayyar
Antenatal care with Dr Puneeta Mahajan
Significance of World Population Day with Dr Dr J P Kapoor
Understanding Heart Surgery With Dr OP Yadava
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